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Ever wondered what a particular aviation-related acronym means?

There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds of different acronyms that are used continuously throughout the PPL ground studies. They even appear in the ground-school exams!

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It can be difficult to find the exact definition of a particular acronym. Many well-known books and study guides simply do not have the required content. Common internet search engines can return vague results and some of the pages that appear in popular search engines can contain acronyms that have different meanings in different countries. This can become extremely time consuming and confusing for the student pilot when trying to grasp a particular concept or definition.

Use our one-of-a-kind search engine!

We have done all of the hard work for you and spent some considerable time compiling a large database of virtually every single aviation acronym we could possibly think of. Here are just some of the types of acronyms in our database:
  • Meteorological abbreviations including TAF's, METAR's etc.
  • General aviation abbreviations
  • Abbreviations used in aeronautical fixed service messages
  • Abbreviations that are always spoken as full words
  • Abbreviations that are transmitted as individual letters
  • Signal reporting codes
  • NOTAM abbreviations and codes
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